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Lois Dunn


Personal Chef, Lois Dunn developed A Healthier Means, a Houston based company in 2008, to provide
healthy cuisines for families on the go, medical patients, corporate offices, events, luncheons, and etc. Her
love and passion for healthy cuisines began 37 years ago, when she realized there was a healthier way to
prepare meals while one day caring for her mother, taking care of her children, and working with patients of
illness. Lois decided to prepare meals that help correct illness through diet and nutrition. After all Lois
exclaims, “You are what you eat.” Lois vision was quite simple; she learned to bring nutrients back into our
meals for a healthy body without the high fat and sodium content. Lois says, “When preparing a healthy
meal, there are healthier alternatives while maintaining the great taste.” When not preparing outstanding
meals for her clients, Lois enjoys spending time with her children and teaching them about nutrition and
healthy eating.

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Over the past several years A Healthier Means has participated in preparing healthy catered meals for celebrity clients such as the O’Jays Scholarship weekend in August 2009, sorority fundraiser events, tradeshows, blues and jazz festivals, corporate luncheons, and many more.  A Healthier Means has also catered as a Personal Chef to introduce families and singles on the go to a healthier lifestyle.  

Although, A Healthier Means is providing a healthy catering service and personal chef service to their clients, and provide a fully staffed restaurant to incorporate healthy menu items for the Houston community and surrounding areas as well as offer healthy food preparation and healthy living  lessons.  A few specialized items from the menu includes A Healthier Means popular “cornbread salad” which can be ordered as an appetizer or side item or our scrumptious plantain and coconut shrimp soup.  Whichever popular items you desire from our menu we can fully customize your meals or catering menu.

Whether you are looking for a personalized plan for your diet, a healthier menu without the high sodium or fat, or just a healthy catering company that caters to you and your family needs; contact A Healthier Means today for a healthier you @ 713-382-2229 or email ahealthiermeans@yahoo.com.  For more information, please visit www.ahealthiermeans.com.